Orange Visitor Information Centre

Orange Information Centre

The Orange Visitor Information Centre is the focal point of a bustling country town, an award winning facility sharing its home with the regional museum, it’s a standout building designed to impress from start to finish.

With an accessible lawn built over the top of the building and situated right next to the public library, it’s a place of knowledge and information packed in a ultra sleek and trendy setting, raising the bar for the greater Central Tablelands area.

But the building couldn’t be complete without it’s fantastic use of glass and innovate double glazing provided by Highland Glass’s ThermalShield product range.

Designed to provide maximum efficiency while maintaining maximum light exposure, the information centre is flooded with beautiful natural light during the day while keeping the inside shielded against the cold winters and warm summer heat.

An incredibly popular space in the local area, used for a variety of gathers and local events, the difference performance glass makes to designing unique and interesting areas cannot be understated, we live in a modern age where our technology allows us to push boundaries previously not possible.

The regional museum inside perfectly captures this contrast of vast historical knowledge in an ultramodern and sleek surrounding generating a trendy feel while leaving a lasting impression for tourism.