To assist you in finding the relevant standard relating to your application we have listed below the Australian Standard  and a brief description of their contents.

  • Australian Standard AS1288 – Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation

This specifies procedures for the design, selection and  installation of glass in buildings, includes guidance for installation practice, based on proven techniques.  Design loads including windload are selected from AS/NZS1170.0, AS/NZS1107.2 OR AS4055

  • Australian Standard AS2080 – Safety Glass for Land Vehicles

This standard applies to safety glazing materials intended for installation as windscreens or other panes, or as partitioning, on power-driven vehicles and their trailers, to the exclusion however of glass panels for lighting, light-signalling devices and instrument  panels.

This standard does not cover the installation of safety glazing materials.

  • AS/NZS2208 – Safety glazing materials in buildings

Glass that is installed where safety glass is required must be manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS2208.  This is the standard that safety glazing materials are product  certified to for use in Australia and New Zealand.

  • AS/NZS4666 – Insulating glass units

This standard sets out the performance requirements and guidelines on the selection and installation of insulating glass units

  • AS/NZS4667 – Quality requirements for cut to size processed glass

Sets out the quality requirements for cut sizes of flat, transparent, clear ordinary annealed, tinted heat-absorbing, patterned and wired glass for general glazing and/or further processing.

  • AS3555.1 – Testing and rating for intruder resistance

Intruder resistant panels identifies the testing and performance level of the specification of glass against physical attack.

  • AS/NZS2343 – Bullet resistant panels and elements

Specifies the requirements for bullet resistant panels and elements according to their performance in preventing penetration by projectiles discharged from firearms under controlled conditions

  • AS3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas

Specifies the minimum construction requirements for each defined Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

  • AS1530.8.1 – Tests on elements of construction for buildings exposed to simulated bushfire attack.

The testing procedure by which glazing materials should be measured to enable item to be used in liew of the relevant BAL as outlined in AS3959.  This is relevant for BAL up to and including BAL 40.

  • AS1530.4 – Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures.

Fire resistance tests of elements of building construction.  This Standard applies to heating conditions, test procedures and criteria for the determination of fire resistance of an element of building construction. In most cases, a single test, carried out in accordance with this Standard establishes the fire resistance for the element of construction concerned.

  • AS/NZS1170 – Structural design actions

There are four parts which cover general principles; permanent, imposed and other actions; wind actions; snow and ice actions.

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