To assist us in processing your orders, please indicate:-

1. Glass type – e.g. 6mm clear toughened or 6mm clear float

2. Size: eg 600mm x 1200mm (usually height first)

3. Processing requirements: see drawing examples below

*   Holes, cutout and notches clearly mark measurements from edge of glass to centre.

*   Specify edgework required

*   With mitred edges please show front or back mitre. Please note size is measured to the long point always

*   Examples of mitred edge can be seen on our edgework page

*   Accompany the order with hardware cutout details from the manufacturer.

*   Mark square corners if the panel is out of square.

*   Toughened stamp will be placed in the bottom left hand corner, please note if you require a different position or no stamp with a removable label.


Processing glass from templates.

Please ensure all processing details are clearly marked on templates along with your company name and order number together with written purchase order. We do not accept any paper or cardboard templates, or templates with nails or screws protruding. Order for templates will be charged a handling fee per m² plus any work in the glass. 

Placing your order and processing

We do not accept any phone orders or quotes. They must be either faxed or emailed.

Once your order is processed you will be forwarded an order confirmation/invoice.  This is for both our benefits, so please take time to read them. If there are any errors on either part they can be rectified straight away, saving in costly and time consuming mistakes.  It also shows the ship date, so you always know when your order will arrive.

On delivery you will need to inspect glass for any visual defects. Refer to our replacement policy. 

You will receive a copy of the sales order and be asked to sign a second copy for our records to show proof of delivery.