Double Glazed units are specially designed panels created by using two pieces of glass sealed together.


Insulating glass units are two panes of glass separated by a layer of air or argon gas. The unit is hermetically sealed and acts as an insulator. Lowering the amount of heat lost through windows in winter and heat gained in summer, substantially reducing heating & cooling costs and enhancing overall comfort. Filling the unit with argon gas will further improve the insulating properties. Insulated glass units also help with noise reduction.

Double Glazed Units super spacer diagram

Super Spacer

Super Spacer is a flexible, silicone foam spacer product that provides the maximum in perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units. Desiccant –filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer significantly simplifies insulating glass (IG) production. The unit is then sealed using Hot Melt Butyl.

The features of using SuperSpacer in an insulating glass unit are that it has low heat conductivity, excellent UV resistance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, superior compression-set resistance, excellent colour stability, enhanced sound dampening.

Product Features:
  • Warm Edge Benefits Superior Silicone foam insulation, low thermal conductivity, substantially reduced perimeter condensation, typical overall 0.2 w/mK 9 0.03 BTU/hrft-Fo) uvalue window improvement
  • Silicone Foam Features Excellent UV resistance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, superior compression set resistance, excellent colour stability, enhanced sound dampening.
  • Edge-Seal Durability Continuous vapour barrier at corners, no chemical fogging, high desiccant content, same spacer material and edge seal technology as the proven premium plus product
  • Unique Dual-Seal Design Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for enhanced gas retention, inner structural acrylic side adhesive, immediate unit handling, no cold flow or spacer/seal migration problems.
  • Pleasing Aesthetic Appearance Black colour, smooth matte surface finish, no surface blistering or bubbling, straight-line application with sharp 90ocorners.

Double Glazed Units diagramAluminium Spacer

Efficient IGU also offers the option of aluminium spacer bar for structural glazing. Aluminium spacer is available in a black or silver finish. The bar is filled with desiccant and the unit is sealed primarily with polyisobutylene and the secondary sealant is a two part silicone.

Noise Reduction

Efficient IGU's insulating glass units can reduce noise up to 65% depending on the make up of the unit and the installation. Insulating glass units can be manufactured to reduce unwanted noise. Ways to improve the noise reduction are selecting a thicker spacer bar, using glass of different thicknesses, using laminated glass on one or both sides or incorporating a noise reducing glass into the make up. It is important to note that no matter how effective the noise reduction of the Insulation Glass Unit, entry points for noise such as gaps in and around the window frame, walls, ceilings, vents, loose fitting doors and floors also need to be considered.

Insulating Glass Units

Efficient IGU's insulating glass units can be made to incorporate clear, tinted, laminated, Low E glass and Argon Gas for exceptional insulation and comfort. IGU's can offer you energy efficiency, safety, security, UV protection, increased fire resistance and noise control.

double glazed glass unitsdouble glazed glass units
double glazed glass units