Float glass is your standard type of glass. It is made by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together which is slowly cooled – floating over a bed of molten tin. Float glass is renowned for its flatness and impeccable clarity. Float glass is available for cut to size, toughened, custom laminate and bulk supplies.


2 mm clear and 2 mm Non Reflective glass for picture frame, 3 mm clear for cut to size and bulk supplies only.  4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 & 19 mm cut to size, toughened and bulk supplies.



Tinted glass is produced by adding metal oxides to the clear float mix, which provides the glass its colour, improves solar performance and helps with glare control.


Provides a soft green appearance, with improved performance over standard green tinted glass.  It is manufactured to provide very high daylight transmission with solar control and reduced UV and glare.


Provides the highest solar control of any uncoated float glass, with solar control (SHGC of 0.35).  Its dark grey colour provides privacy from the outside and reduced see-through.  The glass reduces glare with 9% light transmittance making it appropriate for use in skylights or near computer monitors.

Low Iron Glass

Due to the iron content of clear glass it naturally gives a green tinge. During manufacturing the iron content is removed producing a much clearer glass ideal for coloured splashbacks, decorative and furniture applications. We have three options available Low Iron, Ultra Clear and Starphire.

Matelux and Clear Vision Matelux

Matelux is clear float glass, one side on which has a high quality, acid etched finish.  Clear Vision Matelux has the same acid etch finish, but on a low iron glass, giving the glass a white, brighter look.  Also available in a Grey tint.

Low E Glass

These products combine Low emissivity and solar control. They provide a wide range of thermal properties. Low E glass is a pyrolytic hard coat glass. This technology is the reaction between high temperature and a gas that creates the continuous application of perfectly uniform layers of metal oxides onto the glass.

Under certain light conditions a small degree of haze may be apparent. This is not a fault of the glass.

4mm White Vinyl Back On Clear & Starphire Glass

One side has a coat of white paint with a vinyl backing making it an A grade safety glass suitable for wardrobe doors and internal wall panelling.

Perspex & Polycarbonate

Perspex is a highly versatile & widely used product and is available in clear, opal and also prismatic patterns.

Polycarbonate is UV resistant and offers exceptional weather ability and impact strength, making it the ideal choice for flat or moulded applications where extended service life and resistance to colour shift is required – only available in clear.

Pyro Ceram

Pyro Ceram is a heat resistant glass that can tolerate exceptionally high temperatures. It has high thermal shock resistance and can tolerate constant temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius suitable for heat insulators such as fire and gas heaters.

Glass Preformance Chart Definitions

VLT – Visible Light Transmission

Percentage of visible light passing through the glass.  The higher the percentage the more daylight.

VLT – Visible Light Reflection

Percentage of visible light reflected towards the exterior

U Value

Is a measure of the rate of heat or loss through glazing due to environmental differences between outdoor and indoor air.

SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The proportion of total solar radiation that is transferred through the glass at normal incidence.  It comprises the direct solar transmission (5) and the part of the solar absorption dissipated inwards by radiation and convection.   The lower the number the better the solar performance.

Shading Coefficient

The ratio of solar heat gain through the glass relative to that through 3 mm clear glass.  The lower the number the better the performance.