Laminated glass is an A grade safety glass, consisting of two pieces of glass held together with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer. When broken the panel will stay intact adhering to the interlayer, offering a barrier to the elements and reduce the likelihood of injury. Other benefits of Laminated Safety Glass include:

UV Protection—The PVB interlayer eliminates up to 99% of the suns UV rays protecting your carpets, curtains and furniture from fading

Security—The PVB interlayer will resist penetration when under attack, making it difficult for the entry of the intruders depending on the severity of the impact, as it would be a slow and noisy process to penetrate. For further security features we can also supply 11.52 Anti-Bandit Laminated Glass (Assault Glass)

Sound Reduction—Laminated Glass will improve sound reduction due to the vibration dampening effect of the PVB

Translucent Laminated Glass

Suitable for decorative and screen applications.  Consists of a white interlayer with clear glass

Comfort Plus

Is manufactured with a permanent transparent coating which is glazed to the inside of the building, giving you the comfort benefits for both Summer, reducing the sun’s heating, glare and UV, and Winter, providing thermal insulation and reduces heat loss through the glass by over 30%, compared to standard glass.  Extra care is required when cleaning any coated glass. Refer to our recommended cleaning coated glass page.


ComfortHush in an acoustic performance glass, which also features a durable Low E (low emissivity) coating to keep a home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

V-Hush Laminated Glass

V-Hush Laminate is a laminate that uses a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance. This means that thinner and lighter glass can be used for equivalent acoustic performance.

Comf-E Laminated Glass

Comf-E clear is technically advanced, also featuring a very high VLT combined with outstanding thermal properties.

Assault Guard – 11.52mm

The range of Viridian AssaultGuard glass is an economical method of providing a barrier to forced entry while providing transparency and clarity. AssaultGuard incorporates interlayers four times the thickness of those manufactured in standard laminates and is designed to resist attack from a variety of hard tools used for forced entry such as hammers, crowbars and wood splitters. AssaultGuard is typically used in commercial applications such as vulnerable shopfronts, windows and doorways susceptible to break in. it is also used in a variety of other “at risk” applications such as pay booths, jewellery counters and display counters, providing enough resistance against “smash and grab” theft.

Patterned Laminated Glass

6.76 Showertex Laminate, patterned laminate requires a .76mm interlayer due to the contours in the patterned glass and is laminated to clear glass.

6.38 Laminated Mirror

Is an A Grade Safety glass and meets AS1288 Human Impact requirements.

Custom Laminated Glass

Highland Glass has been certified to manufacture Custom Laminate, this means that customers can now choose their own makeup of glass to suit your custom laminate requirements. Lamination can include float, pattered and heat strengthened glass. All toughened glass as custom laminate manufactured by Highland Glass conforms to the Australian Safety standards AS/NZS 2208 Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings.

Standard laminate available using Saflex Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) 0.76mm clear for annealed laminate and 1.52mm clear for toughened laminated, which is the minimum thickness required. Translucent laminate is also available.