Mirrors are made from high quality float glass and backed with silver and protective coats which help to resist edge creep which can occur in mirrors from using chemicals to clean the mirror, steam and moisture build up.

mirrorstar mirror

Mirrors are available in 3mm, 4mm & 6mm glass.

Please note, 3mm mirror comes clean cut only as this cannot be polished or bevelled.

Grey and Bronze Mirror

We also stock safety mirror for protection in the event of breakage.

4mm & 6mm Vinyl Backed Safety Mirror

6.38 Laminated mirror

Venetian Strip Mirror is a special order product and made to size.

Antique Mirror which is a special order product.

We also have products called Mirastar & Silver 20 which can be toughened and painted to use in splashbacks that require a mirror look.

We do not recommend to have glass toughened and then silvered – although thorough cleaning takes place as part of the silvering process, problem with the quality of the silvering may occur due to the various heat processes and handling involved to toughen, slump or bend glass. Please read the attached for a more details on the problems that may occur.

Whether you require full sheets or a customised shape we can cut, drill and edgework mirrors to your requirements with polished or bevelled edges.

Recommended position of holes.

mirror diagram

 Mirrors over 900 x 1500 six fixing holes should be used.