Toughened glass, also called heat tempered, is an A grade Toughened Glass, which shatters into relatively harmless small pieces when broken. The additional stresses created in the toughening process increase its strength by 4 to 5 times, although the physical characteristics remain unchanged.

Visit our HOW TO ORDER PAGE as once glass is toughened it cannot be cut, drilled or processed in anyway, so it is important that the correct details and sizes are clearly given when placing your order.

We have a state of the art Tornati Forni Furnace and a Yuntong furnace. We can toughen from 4mm to 19mm thick glass. 

The Minimum size :300 x 250

The Maximum Size: 3660 x 2400

1. The cut to size float glass panels are loaded onto rollers, where the toughened stamp is applied.

2. The glass is then fed from the loading conveyer into the furnace.

3. Here it oscillates back and forth on ceramic rollers until it reaches temperatures of approximately 650o

4. The glass is conveyed from the furnace in a continuous motion through the quench where it is rapidly cooled by blasting air onto the glass from both sides. Once cooling starts the outside surface rapidly becomes solid, while the inside cools less rapidly.

5. The glass continues through completing the cooling process.

6. The toughened glass is then conveyed out the end of the furnace ready for delivery or wrapping. We apply an adhesive protective film to most heavyweight glass 10mm and above, but the maximum width is 1200mm. If you require your glass to have the protective film applied please note on your order – additional charges apply to this film.