QLam Hush™

For a little peace and quiet

QLam Hush™ is a special suite of laminate glasses available through Highland Glass that offer improved acoustic performance when compared to standard monolithic or laminated glass. Suitable for places where the ambience and atmosphere for the environment is vital or just somewhere sound needs to be contained in or isolated from.

A man sitting in a cafe looking through the window. The city reflects in glass.

A-Grade Safety

QLam Hush™ is an A-Grade safety glass in accordance with AS2208, making it suitable for a range of applications such as inside doors, larger windows, areas of human impact or shop fronts.

Better UV Protection

QLam Hush™ offers better UV protection over ordinary glass, making sure the things that matter most to you don't fade or lose colour over time.

Superior Acoustic Control

QLam Hush™ can reduce noise by up to 34% when compared to ordinary glass, giving you a complete sense of control over your space.

  • Busy Streets
  • Music Studios
  • Quiet Offices
  • Meditation Spaces
  • Faith Rooms
  • Hospital Wards

Further Information

If you would like to know more about QLam Hush™, you can read the product brochure.

Warranty Sheet

Our warranty information and guarantee of quality for your peace of mind.

Cleaning Guide

For more information on how to clean Qlam Hush™, you can read the cleaning guide.

QLam Hush™ is a trademark of Oceania Glass.