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Our stunning base product, where your dreams begin.

FloatHG™ is manufactured using only the finest material and highest quality machinery to deliver you a quality glass product you can rely on. All glass starts its journey here before ending up in your grand vision.

Toughenable, processable and available in many sizes and colours, FloatHG™ is the solid foundation your next project needs.

Empty room, wooden window with shadow is projected on the wooden sill. View to the street and green trees

Toughening your product makes it up to 5 times stronger than standard float. Ensure you get strength and safety where you need it most!


FloatHG™ can be cut, processed, toughened, laminated, polished, painted and otherwise made into a whole range of other glass products. Available in various thicknesses, FloatHG™ is the product you need to begin crafting your dream.

Clarity like never before

FloatHG™ is made from start to finish with clarity in mind. Our unique selection of materials and manufacturing ensure our base product is perfect from the beginning, making sure it looks spectacular wherever it ends up.

  • Anywhere quality glass is required.

Further Information

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Cleaning Guide

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