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Security, Reliability, Performance.

LamiHG™ is our own laminate glass, made up of two individual pieces of glass joined together with a special interlayer. LamiHG™ is an A-Grade safety glass compliant with AS2208 and is suitable for many applications from thermal control, security or acoustics.

Reliable, processable and readily available, LamiHG™ is a one stop product.

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Reliable Strength

LamiHG™ is a laminate glass, made up of two individual sheets of glass and joined together with a special interlayer. This interlayer helps to make the glass rigid and strong, it holds its shape in the event of a breakage and makes passing through the space it occupies unlikely until a replacement piece can be sourced.

Better Performance

Because LamiHG™ is made of a unique combination of glass and interlayer, it offers significant improvements over conventional float glass, particularly for its ability to drastically reduce UV transmission but also improved thermal properties and acoustic properties, providing you with a level of comfort not found in monolithic glass.

Architectural Dreams

LamiHG™’s versatility means it can be processed just the same as float glass can with your choice of edgework, cutouts, custom shapes or templates. Don’t be held back in your next project requiring something special, why not consider LamiHG?

  • Human Impact
  • Balustrading
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal Control
  • Shop Fronts
  • Glass Cabinets
  • Display Cases
  • Glass Shelving & Tables

Further Information

If you would like to know more about LamiHG™, you can read our product brochure.

Warranty Sheet

Our warranty information and guarantee of quality for your peace of mind.

Cleaning Guide

For more information on how to clean our LamiHG™ product, you can read our cleaning guide.