Glass Processing

Need to keep ahead of the game with powerful machine processing?

Highland Glass offers a range of in house glass processing options, have the glass required for the job ready and delivered to you with no further work at your end. Explore our options below.

Arris / Tipped Corner

A standard rough arris, typically done to remove the sharp edges after glass has been cut in order to make it more safe for general handling.

CNC Waterjet

For glass requiring precise detailed cutouts, including tight internal radii, we can process this on our CNC Waterjet. The waterjet delivers 45000psi water / abrasive mix to very accurately cut through any glass thickness

Bevelled Edges

Our glass can be bevelled to create a frameless border appearance, standard bevel depths are 14mm for 4mm and 25mm for 6mm, however we can provide others on request.

CNC Radius Corner

Our Intermac CNC machines are used to produce various shape polishing options, the finish of the edge work is similar to a flat polish but is more textured in appearance. The process begins with a base CAD drawing and sequence programming.

Flat Grind

Our inline polisher machine can be used to grind down the edges of annealed glass types, a flat grind is the finish where a polish isn’t required. Typically this is used for thicker glass where a standard arris would not be appropriate.

Flat Polish

Our various polishing machines can create the brightest of polished edges, each edge is cut, ground and polished with several independent wheels.

Hand Polish

For panels too small to be processed by a CNC machine, the glass is manually shaped and polished by hand.

Mitre Edge

Our mitred edge finish provides a unique edge to your glass in order to assist with constructing complex glass structures.

Polished Tip

Polished tipped corners can be provided to remove the sharp corner from the edge of your glass, polishing is available to suit existing polished sides in order to provide you with a bright and clear finish to your glass.

Further Information

If you would like to know more about our processing options, you can read the product brochure.