The Best of Both Worlds

ComfortPlus™ Combines the power of low-e thermal control with the benefits of laminate glass technology. Providing a thermal control product that is easy to work with, suitable for simple repairs or replacements, requires no toughening to comply as a safety glass and has near complete elimination of harmful UV rays.

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A-Grade Safety

ComfortPlus™ is an A-Grade safety glass in accordance with AS2208, making it suitable for a range of applications such as inside doors, larger windows, areas of human impact or shop fronts.

Improved Thermal Control

ComfortPlus™ provides a specialized Low-E coating to drastically improve the thermal performance of your glass, allowing you to have bigger windows than normally permitted while still meeting your BASIX requirements.

Increased Security

ComfortPlus™ is a specially designed laminate, meaning in the event of a breakage the glass retains its place, giving you the peace of mind and security from laminate glass while also providing you the powerful advantage of thermal control.

  • Shop Fronts
  • Skylights
  • Large Skyscrapers
  • Apartment Spaces
  • New Homes

Further Information

If you would like to know more about ComfortPlus™, you can read the product brochure.

Warranty Sheet

Our warranty information and guarantee of quality for your peace of mind.

Cleaning Guide

For more information on how to clean ComfortPlus™, you can read the cleaning guide.

ComfortPlus™ is a trademark of Oceania Glass.