Everything in your home today is efficient, why not your glass?

With the ability to keep your home cool during the summer & warm during the winter, ThermalShield SC33™ products are a must have for the Australian climate.

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Insulating Power

ThermalShield SC33’s™ unique ability to insulate your home means you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of your living space all year round while drastically saving on heating and cooling.

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Experience Even More Natural Light

ThermalShield SC33’s™ higher energy performance enables you to have far greater window space than ever before, capturing more natural light and further saving on power.

Acoustic Performance

ThermalShield SC33’s™ double glazing provides far greater acoustic ratings over typical monolithic glass, minimizing noise and disturbance from outside without sacrificing window space.


Still not convinced?

Here at Highland Glass, we know a thing or two about the cold!

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Windows
  • Door panels
  • External facade

Case Studies

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Cleaning Guide

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