What if you could keep your shower screen looking brand new?

Glass is great to look at, but not so great to clean. What if you could have your windows and shower doors water and oil repellent for 10 years? With EnduroShield™, you can.

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Cut Cleaning Time with EnduroShield™

Glass is pretty much flavour of the month right now. We love using glass bottles and storage containers over plastic ones. We love the wonderfully sustainable nature of glass, and its almost endless recyclability. And we love that its origins lie in two of our most ancient elements – fire and earth (well, sand, to be strictly correct). What we don’t love, however, is cleaning the darn stuff. Particularly windows. We love windows, of course, but they are no fun to clean. They attract dirt and sticky finger marks like flames attract moths, and don’t even get me started on shower doors and soap scum! Fortunately for haters of glass cleaning, there is EnduroShield™!

Suitable For All Glass

From shower doors to high-rise glazing, patterned, laminated or insulated glass, EnduroShield is the smart choice for glass surfaces.

Ultimate Protection

EnduroShield™ is optically Clear, UV stable, chemical resistant, naturally water and oil repellent.

High Durability

Permanently bonds to the glass and comes with a true 10 year performance warranty. Supported by independant testing from TÜV Rheinland in Germany.

  • Shower screens
  • External facade
  • Pool and deck spaces
  • High rise complexes
  • Mirrors

Further Information

If you would like to know more about EnduroShield™, you can read our product brochure.

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