Why UltraMirror™?

Household cleaners, adhesives, humidity. These are the enemies of the perfect reflection. Highland Glass UltraMirror™ stands up to these challenges with beautiful reflectance and uncompromising durability using a patented, copper-free manufacturing process.

UltraMirror™ provides unparalleled protection against a range of climates, corrosion, chemicals, moisture and abrasion while adding beauty and elegance to any room.

Create Beautiful Spaces

UltraMirror™ can be cut, shaped and processed to your requirements, enabling you to craft beautiful spaces with the powerful edge mirrors add.

The Perfect Reflecton

UltraMirror™ is clearer, brighter and more reflective than standard vinyl-back leaving you breathless with its quality each and every time you stand in-front of it.

Clean With Ease

UltraMirror™ provides unrivaled protection from most unwanted contaminates. Stop having to endlessly scrub your normal mirror for it to only look half as good as our UltraMirror™.

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Modern living spaces
  • Fitness or exercise studios
  • Art decor

Further Information

If you would like to know more about UltraMirror™, you can read our product brochure.

Warranty Sheet

Our warranty information and guarantee of quality for your peace of mind.

Cleaning Guide

For more information on how to clean our UltraMirror™ product, you can read our cleaning guide.